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Rep #CarnivalRepublic for Miami Carnival 2014

New kids on the block Carnival Republic Mas band join the fete'n for Miami Carnival 2014. The band might be new but the players are seasoned soca warriors straight from the home of carnival, sweet sweet T&T. The band, led by Lyanne Williams-Cassimire whom previously shared her talents with the world through the legendary China Mas Group as an Executive Member and Section Leader, promises "sexy costumes, drinks and a DAMN good time on the road". They have teamed up with dazzling costume designers like Sandra Hordatt and Shawn Dhanraj, and the notable DJ team out of Trinidad & Tobago, @nuphoricmusic to bring the vibes on di road.

Visit Carnival Republic for more info on how you play a mas with Miami Carnival's newest mas band. CarnivalStockings will be available for purchase at Carnival Republic mas camp during costume pick up. Visit for details.


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