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No Trinidad Carnival 2021 :(

Wipe your tears, the T & T Carnival tabanca is real but some U.S. fetes continue...

"T & T Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has announced that Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival in 2021, is NOT on."

Watch the video announcement here.

While T&T is taking precautions well in advance, some fetes ramp up as COVID-19 guidelines recently relaxed in U.S. states. Like in Florida, where the show goes on for promoters of the BRT "ALL WHITE" Day Party in Miami, FL. Saturday, October 3rd (4pm-11pm) All-Inclusive.

In Orlando, Florida, a live in-person concert featuring Lyrikal is upcoming and being marketed as a "detour" to the now virtual, Miami Carnival 2020 event.

We know; its a mas of confusion with restrictions changing daily in states and countries across the world. So, whatever you dare, be safe and we will see you on the road soon.

Love and soca,


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