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Join and proud community partners in celebrating the soul of our Caribbean community on Sunday, October 11 for "Caravan's to Carnival" in Florida.

The event taking place in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach and Orlando will create the perfect backdrop to this year's platform of the Biden/Harris campaign of inclusion and diversity.

The links below will allow you to register at a location closest to you and we Invite you to join US for free. The driving routes have been set, the entertainment is ready, your safety is of the utmost importance and fun is expected...

Decorate your cars, wear your costume, wave your flag.

Make a statement and create some memories this election AND watch the Miami Virtual Carnival with friends and lime at the after-event.


Miami Caravan Registration Link

Broward, Palm Beach and Orlando Registration Link

*Weather Check* If weather at the start time is inclement we will adjust the start time up or down accordingly.


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