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Carnival Essentials You Can't Do Without

Kandi's Carnival 411 - Jamaica Carnival is fast approaching so we had a one on one with Carnival influencer Kandi King, and owner of to give us tips on everything carnival for the week of April 2 to April 8.

Originally published on Jamaica Gleaner Monday | March 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM

What Are Your Tips For Newcomers?

Carnival virgins yes, Use sun block!

Definitely, expect some rain.

There is always rain, unfortunately, in Jamaica's carnival.

And break in your shoes. Wear them around the house.

What Are The Make-Up Looks And Trends For The Day?

I do not usually think that there is a make-up look or trend, girls are so picky about how they want their own make-up. I tend to shy away from gems. I found in previous years when I wore gems, later in the day, when it rains or I would sweat heavily, they would fall off and I would get little tan marks around where they were.

You Say Your Make-Up Artist Keeps You On Point, What Is Her Secret?

I can't say what's her secret. I do believe in setting spray. It helps it to stay and not drain when you sweat.

Tip To Keeping The Outfit In Place?

Needle and thread. Every girl knows how to do the really simple base stitch so I would sew my stocking to the waistband of my panties.

Tie your costume tight so that nothing moves or shift.

Use the two-sided tape on the inside of the bra.

Carnival Tights Or Bare?

Definitely tights or fishnets for sure. It gives you an extra layer of protection from every element. Of course, guys coming to "tief" a whine all day, so you don't necessarily want to be rubbing up on everybody. It also camouflages your skin covering the little imperfections.

Go To Accessories For Road March?

I wear a little wristlet. It is a little pouch on my wrist and that is it. I don't want anything cumbersome. I don't want anything in my hand all day apart from my cup. Some girls, if they wear boots, stick their lip gloss or phone in it. That comes in handy.

What Is The Best Bag Option?

Anything that you do not have to hold in your hand. Like I said, I use a wristlet and a lot of girls use the fanny pack because, again, they do not have to hold on to it. You don't have to carry anything in your hand.That's how things get lost.

What Is In Your Carnival Bag?

In my pouch, my phone and any lipstick I choose to wear that day.

Must-Attend Carnival Events For The Week?

I Love Soca, for sure, Tribe Ignite with Kes, breakfast party go-to event for sure and Newcomer. PM FÍte Saturday night is recommended.

What Outfits Do You Recommend For Breakfast Party?

Breakfast party is the 'dressiest' event for the season. For men, I call it the breakfast party uniform, the floral shirt or the floral pants or the coloured shirt with the floral pants. That's a must for the men. And for females, anything that is cool, even though it is the dressiest party it is also the hottest party. They have done a good job with providing fans and cool-down areas there but for a good time dress chic but cool.

See more from Kandi King online.

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