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Jammin with D-Junction

Push back, Wuk, Jam with D-Junction Mas for #MiamiCarnival

djunction mas logo.jpg

Unleash your inner animal and get on di road with Miami's D-Junction Mas, one of Miami's premier mas bands. Revelers will rock to international DJ's Walshy Fire, Barrie Hype, Jester (Canada) and Ryan Sayeed. Number 12 on the list to cross the competition stage, the band is led by the Armstrongs and a power house crew who have over 20 years of experience and are "fully devoted to providing attractive, high quality costumes, top notch customer service, and the ultimate road experience."

Join D-Junction as a Savage Beauty, Dancing Cobra or a Wildcat, but do it quickly. Space is limited. Visit will be onsite at D-Junction Mas costume pick up. Contact band for details.

djunction mas costumes.jpg

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