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Ordering & Shipping
Do you ship internationally? ships internationally for any size order. Customized International shipping arrangements can be made for bulk orders of 50 pairs or more. 


What forms of payment do you accept? accepts $USD only and processes all payments through PayPal. You can pay using a PayPal account, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa credit or debit card. 


How are shipping and tax charges calculated?

Shipping and taxes are caluculated at the time of check out using a standard culations based on zip code and postal provider. 


Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes. provides competitive pricing for orders of 50 pieces or more. Email us for a quote.  International shipping arrangements can be made for bulk orders of 50 pairs or more.  Click here to receive more info.



Can I wear CarnivalStockings with a thong?
Yes. Carnival stockings are perfect for traditional bikini bottoms, one pieces and thongs. The stockings provide a protective barrier between your bare bottom and environment elements. Worn under your thong, CarnivalStockings provide a breathable barrier that prevents wedgies and smoothest imperfections. The waistline seam of the stocking should be folded over and concealed under your thongs waistline.
Can I wear these CarnivalStockings more than once?
While most seasoned masqueraders typically wear their stockings once, CarnivalStockings if undamaged can be delicately washed, line dried and wore more than once. Store in a dry and cool location.
Are CarnivalStockings waterproof?
In the event it rains, or you come in contact with water your stockings will initially resist the moisture however if large amounts of water will penetrate your stockings, the high-quality porous material the stockings are constructed from will dry quickly.


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